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Hi all!!!

Family, friends and everybody else!!!

I came into this World so tiny, with 48cm and 3310kg, on September, 30th 2008, at 20h18m, listening to soft rock!!!

My name is Fernando António and this is my blog!

This has been my growth so far:

30/09/2008 – 3,310kg, 48cm, PC34cm
02/10/2008 – 3090kg
23/10/2008 – 3890kg, 51cm, PC36cm
04/12/2008 – 5030kg, 56,5cm, PC39cm
14/01/2009 – 5440kg, 60cm, PC41cm
16/02/2009 – 6850kg, 62,5cm, PC43cm

And this were my first moment’s in this World:

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