Almoço Mamãs de Set/Out em Leiria 28/02/2008


Daddy’s best intentions lol

This morning, while Mommy took Gui and Bia to school, Daddy changed my diaper…

Later, when Mommy came home and Daddy went to work, I started crying and Mommy came to see me… I was all stretched and kinda stiffed!! – Mommy thought it was strange and held me…

Grunf!! – I was ALL wet!!! :S

When Mommy took my pants off, I had my legs covered in poop!! – Daddy put my diaper wrong and… it all came out lol

I had just eaten and Mommy cleaned me with cotton and Uriage water… changed my clothes… hmmm that felt good!! – Poor me, I even had “it” between my toes 😦