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  • November 2008
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Mais umas… sou mesmo babada!!!

Daddy’s best intentions lol

This morning, while Mommy took Gui and Bia to school, Daddy changed my diaper…

Later, when Mommy came home and Daddy went to work, I started crying and Mommy came to see me… I was all stretched and kinda stiffed!! – Mommy thought it was strange and held me…

Grunf!! – I was ALL wet!!! :S

When Mommy took my pants off, I had my legs covered in poop!! – Daddy put my diaper wrong and… it all came out lol

I had just eaten and Mommy cleaned me with cotton and Uriage water… changed my clothes… hmmm that felt good!! – Poor me, I even had “it” between my toes 😦