Mommy playing with me, GRUNF!!!!

After crying, mommy came and saw I wasn’t feeling good… So IUPI!! – Bath time!!

First Mommy tried a few hairdos…

And some more…

Not funny!!! 😦

Ok, finally, the one I like grunf!!

Now… the faces I’m making it’s because I’m starving!!!!

Still hungry……. but hey… Look at what I can do!!!

I can already hold my head and turn!!! :D:D:D

Now, I’m really grunfed… I have to eat!!

I can’t stop looking at Mommy… she’s pretty… 😉

And off course, I have pretty eyes too 🙂

Now, I’m fed and tired…

And I like to sleep with my Teddy Bear 😀

Bjs a todos!!!


One Response

  1. Cada vez mais lindo!!!

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